- John LaChance

When a manufactured gas plant (MGP) site is identified for treatment, the typical approach involves excavating the contaminated soil, and either disposing of it at off-site landfills or treating it at an on or off site thermal desorption unit. However, there are other options that often are safer and more cost competitive—such as in situ thermal remediation (ISTR).

In this webinar, Vice President of Thermal Technology John LaChance will briefly introduce the three ISTR technologies, and explain their applicability and primary removal mechanisms. He will discuss the key design considerations for varying conditions and remedial goals, and present several real-life examples of MGP sites that were remediated with ISTR—including projects where the goal was not complete removal but volatilization of the low boiling point compounds and in situ immobilization of the high boiling point compounds, such as heavier range TPH and PAHs.  

 Join us and learn how ISTR technologies function, the criteria for selecting the right one for your site, and how ISTR solutions for MGP sites can improve your overall return on remediation investment (RORI) by achieving goals in months instead of years.

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