- Sue Bruning

Fostering inclusion in environmental services is crucial as diverse leadership brings unique perspectives that are essential for innovative solutions to environmental challenges. By elevating and supporting women and underrepresented groups in STEM fields, we can enhance our collective ability to address complex global issues effectively.

This Women in Environmental Services series webinar brings together experts in leadership development, human resources, environmental consulting, and non-profit advocacy to discuss the strategies you need to develop a well-rounded skill set and advance your career. We'll also examine how organizations can foster growth through dedicated training programs, leadership development opportunities, and policies that promote an inclusive culture. And if your organization lacks these programs? We'll equip you with strategies for independently seeking out opportunities for advancement.

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Aimee Cohen Ken Moses Sarah Babcock Chris Kimmel
Aimee Cohen

President & Founder

On Point Next Level Leadership

Ken Moses

Chief People Officer

Cascade Environmental

Sarah Babcock

Vice President

EA Engineering, Science, and Technology

Chris Kimmel


Puget Sound Chapter of Women in Environment




Sue Bruning
Sue Bruning

Vice President of Client Experience & Sustainability

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