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Transitioning from site characterization to remediation is a crucial point in the project lifecycle. This process requires a careful evaluation of the full spectrum of remediation technologies that will lead you to a successful remedial plan. As mentioned in our previous blog, an accurate Conceptual Site Model (CSM) supported by proper site characterization can lead to smarter application of single or combined technologies for a positive return on remediation investment. The remedial plan requires a careful balance of the merits of each remedial application with the specific project drivers - typically cost, time, and access to field support in applying the remediation technologies.

With so many remediation options available today, choosing the best approach to meet your clean-up objectives can be daunting. But with the right support, project managers are better able to transition contaminated properties into productive assets through the remediation optimization process.


Access Remedial Technologies

Don’t let access to technologies limit your remedial designs. There is no other field services company that offers the whole range of technology implementation, or the expertise to help scope and combine them, like Cascade. Our remediation portfolio includes over twenty five (25) individual technologies for both in situ and ex situ applications - all provided in-house.


Evaluate Remedial Technologies

Cascade provides our clients with transparent and collaborative support on the design of thermal, chemical oxidation, reduction, and bioremediation remedies. Our non-thermal design expertise specifically focuses on delivery parameters, and dosing and distribution approaches for specific chemical amendments to ensure contact with contaminants for a long enough period of time to ensure destruction. On the thermal front, clients can take advantage of a full suite of thermal solutions from Thermal Conduction Heating (TCH), Electrical Resistance Heating (ERH), Steam Enhanced Extraction (SEE) or a combination of these. Our thermal experts understand where the thermal sweet spot exists and can help direct remedial solutions to best optimize the combination of thermal with other technologies for the best solution in meeting project needs.

No matter the approach, we work closely with you to identify cost-effective solutions utilizing individual or combined technologies based on site complexity.

Relying on decades of experience, our technical team advises on the time required to implement a particular remedy in the field, given the specific conditions, to achieve your goal. With this information, you are able to choose the applications to meet your needs. Together, we can design an innovative solution utilizing more than one technology to target and treat specific areas of the contamination zone to satisfy the regulatory, remedial, and project goals.  


Confident Solutions

Most importantly our field experience on what works and doesn’t work is a priceless knowledge base we can share with you in the form of contaminant-specific matrices that look at lithology, hydrogeology, and contaminant mass. We can then help you get started on the right path to ensure successful remediation and avoid unnecessary costs associated with false starts or having to switch technology approaches.


It Doesn't Stop With These Technologies

When the situation and location are right, our remedial services are complemented by the work of Panther Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cascade. Together with other Cascade Drilling and Technical Services, Panther serves as a valued partner and team member on the front end of Remedial Action projects. Panther provides red team reviews and options analyses of remedial approaches - including identification of data gaps, where Cascade’s site characterization and drilling services complement such projects - before ultimately thriving on the “completion” or implementation end of Cascade’s suite of services.

With Panther’s services (directly contracted or subcontracted), you can achieve project completion by successfully implementing remediation programs that address complex sites where legacy operations have impacted both soil and groundwater. Under the right site-specific conditions, solutions provided by Panther complement the remedial solutions provided by Cascade by utilizing unique combinations of traditional and technical approaches, including providing a full suite of services from investigation support on through remediation.

Panther’s technical capabilities include in-situ and ex-situ soil treatment and mixing approaches as well as expertise regarding treatment of contaminated groundwater via oxidation, reduction, enhanced biology, and/or direct chemical treatment. Traditional services include, but are not limited to, soil remediation, landfill maintenance and capping, groundwater/leachate extraction and treatment, and wetlands restoration. Many civil projects involve installation of earth support systems utilizing steel sheeting, trench boxes or slide rail systems, followed by excavation services to and/or below the groundwater, including dewatering and treatment, followed by final site restoration services. Remedial services offered by Panther, as well as a broad array of other services are available via Cascade’s singular collection of talent and equipment assets.


From Concept to Completion

In the end, every consultant knows that it takes more than technology to successfully achieve the clean-up objectives – it takes knowledge and experience, and that’s what you get when you partner with Cascade.  


Learn more about Cascade's remediation capabilities, check out our Project Overviews, or Request a Quote today.

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