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Identifying and remedying winter weather hazards is critical for accident prevention on job sites, parking lots and in shop areas. Our field crews shared some of the potential hazards they have identified, as well as the preventative actions taken to ensure a safe work environment.

  1. Road salt make the roadway lines harder to recognize. Often times the white lines are invisible due to the salt on the roadway.
  2. Pit pipes and tanks will be frozen to the ground, use care when trying to break them loose.
  3. Carry a spray bottle of washer fluid with you in case your washer fluid spray nozzles freeze up.
  4. Icy decks are dangerous, clear the ice off with a weed burner.
  5. Use rod wipers to keep the rods dryer as they are pulled from the hole.
  6. Use sand and salt on all walking and working areas.
  7. Adjust travel times to accommodate for the weather. Remember to use the Smith Defensive Driving techniques.
  8. Take a minute to identify and address all slip hazards at the morning tailgate meeting.
  9. Make sure all crew members know the signs of hypothermia.
  10. Muddy work areas create slipping hazards. Use mud mats, plywood or gravel for traction.
  11. By aware of where you place any item that can catch on fire when using a weed burner. Set up designated smoking areas and keep all flammable liquids in proper containers.
  12. Lastly, don’t leave it for someone else to take care off, take care of it before it becomes a hazard for someone else.

For more about potential winter weather hazards surrounding PPE, job site vehicles and equipment—and tips to prevent accidents—read our blog post from last year.


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