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Mike Bond didn’t grow up dreaming of drill rigs, but he knew he wanted a career working with heavy machinery. Sometimes, the stars align—and at 17, Mike was given the opportunity to start out as a driller’s helper. In this blog post, Mike shares a little about his background, what he enjoys in his role as a senior driller, and advice he’d give to others who are considering a similar career


What career did you envision for yourself as a child?

I wanted to do something in the construction field, running heavy equipment.


What got you interested in a career in drilling and environmental services?

There was a man in my neighborhood that I looked up to and admired, and he was a driller. His helper got hurt, and he needed someone to fill in until the helper came back. He never did, so here I am.


How did you get the education and training you needed?

I started out in drilling 37 years ago, and back then training was all hands-on—you learned as you went.


What were you doing before you joined Cascade?

I have always been in the drilling field. I started out when I was 17 in geotechnical drilling, then moved on to environmental and exploratory drilling.


Since joining the company, have you had opportunities for mentorship, to further your training, or to earn certifications?

Most of my training came in my younger years. For the past 15 years, I have had the privilege to mentor and pass on my knowledge to the younger generation of drillers, which I enjoy very much.


What does a typical work day look like for you?

Because I’m a senior driller, I’m typically brought in for more challenging situations. Most days, I go to different project sites to advise other drillers. Other days I spend helping more junior drillers on their projects.


What do friends or family say when you tell them about your career?

Most of them think I have a wonderful job because of all the travel I do and all the new places I get to see.


What advice would you give other people who might be considering a career in drilling or environmental services?

This is a great career. It’s enjoyable, there’s great pay and plenty of work, but you must be willing to travel (and like it). Your spouse needs to be on board with that, too. You may spend a good amount of time away from them, and for some people that may be a dealbreaker.


If you’re interested in learning more about a career as a driller, check out our Careers Hub for more information. You can also see (and apply to!) our current openings.


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