- John LaChance - Steffen Griepke

What you need to know about source zone treatment options for PFAS

PFAS remediation is complex, especially with the expectation of treatment standards moving down to one part per trillion. Getting there will take a tiered approach for site characterization, source zone remediation, and plume treatment.

In this webinar, technology experts John LaChance and Steffen Griepke discuss...

  • Treatment strategies for high concentration of PFAS in source zones
  • Results from TerraTherm’s groundbreaking state of the science study on the transformation and mineralization of PFAS contamination in soil using in pile thermal desorption.



John LaChance
John LaChance

Vice President of Development, TerraTherm

Steffen Griepke
Steffen Griepke

Vice President of Technology, TerraTherm

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