- Eliot Cooper - Michael Gerber

When it comes to in situ remediation, the injection equipment is just as important to a successful outcome as the amendments you’ve selected.   Injection volume, pressure, and a homogeneous mixture are critical in optimizing amendment distribution and contact to achieve your remediation goals. 

Advancements in injection system technology have proven successful for a wide variety of liquid and solid amendments and subsurface conditions. 

In this webinar, remediation experts Eliot Cooper and Michael Gerber will discuss the innovations in injection technology and how these changes are benefiting consultants today.  They’ll cover various aspects of injection systems, such as injection tooling, amendment mixing, manifolds, and downhole straddle packer systems.

For liquid or colloidal solid amendments in course-grained soils or fractured rock:

  • High volume and moderate pressure redundant electric centrifugal pumps
  • High volume and moderate pressure redundant electric progressive cavity pumps
  • Hybrid systems where unexpected tight soils are encountered
  • Electric automated systems where precise pressure and control are needed for distribution and contact, like PRBs

For solid amendments in fine-grained soils or fractured rock:

  • Electric and hydraulic piston pumps
  • Pneumatic permeability enhancement with high-pressure nitrogen for overburden and bedrock fractures
  • Hybrid Systems where unexpected transmissive zones are encountered


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Eliot Cooper
Eliot Cooper

Vice President, Technology and Business Development

Michael Gerber
Michael Gerber

Operations Manager

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