- Eliot Cooper- John Lachance, Richard Desrosiers, Jeff Kray

Now is not the time for you, your consultant, or your attorney to stay on the sidelines when it comes to ever-increasing regulations and potential risks involving PFAS.

In today’s regulatory environment, you are facing uncertainty and changing requirements and risks when assessing how PFAS will impact your industrial operations, real estate development projects, supply chains, waste streams, and other facets of your day-to-day businesses.  While established rules and scientific agreements have allowed consultants and attorneys to reliably manage their client’s risks of petroleum and solvent groundwater contamination and vapor intrusion, the PFAS framework is still emerging, and both that and the nature of the chemicals lead to many questions; for example:

  1. If there is a reasonable probability of PFAS usage in or around a property, should current PFAS levels be characterized in groundwater and soil?
  2. Are you redeveloping real estate known to have traditional contaminants, and regulators require you to test for PFAS? If PFAS is found, should you reconsider the deal?
  3. If PFAS is found in soil or groundwater. What are your next options and remedial alternatives?
  4. What should be done if PFAS is found in groundwater that has migrated beyond my property?
  5. Should I proactively address PFAS contamination to assess my risk profile?

Cascade has assembled a distinguished panel, including Richard J. Desrosiers, Associate Principal, PFAS Initiative Lead at GZA; Jeff Kray and Jessica Ferrell, both Partners at Marten Law LLP, a national law firm specializing in PFAS litigation; Eliot Cooper, VP of Technology and Business Development at Cascade’ and John LaChance, Vice President of Development at TerraTherm. Both Mr. Cooper and Mr. LaChance have been involved in advancing new technology solutions to support PFAS characterization and treatment of source areas and plumes for 30 years.

Register now for this expert-led webinar that will help guide you through the new world of PFAS compliance and risk management.   Please include questions you have, so the panel can best address these either during the webinar or after in our follow-up responses to questions we didn’t have time to get to.

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Eliot Cooper
Eliot Cooper

Vice President, Technology and Business Development

John LaChance
John LaChance

Vice President of Development, TerraTherm

Richard Desrosiers
Richard Desrosiers, PG, LEP

Vice President, GZA

Jeff Kray
Jeff B. Kray

Managing Partner, Marten Law

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