- Eliot Cooper


Chlorinated solvent source areas pose some of the biggest challenges to remediation practitioners. At most sites, the contaminant mass overwhelms in situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) and in situ bioremediation (ISB), and requires additional remedial measures before closure can be achieved.

Consultants are left with two remaining options for these sites: thermal remediation and injection of eZVI (emulsified zero valent iron).

In this webinar, remediation expert Eliot Cooper will address the latter option. He’ll explain…

  • How the chemistry was developed by NASA and how it works
  • How it can be optimized through high resolution designs
  • Where it can be applied
  • Design considerations including dosing and volumes
  • Delivery approaches
  • Associated costs

Eliot shares several case studies of eZVI use. Watch today!

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