- Eliot Cooper

In the realm of environmental remediation, a myriad of case studies are showcased at conferences or through literature. These studies, often presented by industry leaders, vendors, and consultants, vary in content, from detailing how projects achieve remediation objectives to discussing the hurdles faced during on-site execution. Notably, many of these studies haven't undergone rigorous peer review.

Focusing on vendor studies, while vast in number, often lack a uniform structure that would cover topics like baseline data characterization (including COCs, Lithology, and Hydrogeology), amendment choice and rationale, field execution techniques, performance indicators, and post-remediation findings. This absence of standardization poses challenges for professionals, who must navigate potential data gaps and the intricacies of each study to determine its applicability to their sites, further complicated by the frequent lack of peer review.

Through this presentation, Eliot Cooper, VP of Technology, will guide attendees to understand the current landscape of vendor environmental remediation case studies, the gaps and challenges, and recommendations for producing and evaluating future defensible and standardized studies.

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Eliot Cooper
Eliot Cooper

Vice President, Technology and Business Development

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