What is CleanER™® iZVI?

CleanER iZVI is a colloidal zero valent iron for chlorinated solvent remediation, but can also be applied to hazardous metals and herbicides/pesticides. It is manufactured exclusively for Cascade by Hoganas Environmental Solutions, the leading provider of engineered ZVI products across the world. CleanER iZVI primarily targets contaminants in transmissive zones down gradient of the source or in barrier applications, but can also be used in to treat less contaminated source areas to treat contaminants throughvia chemical reduction.

What is It Designed to Address?

  • Chemical Reduction of: 
    • Chlorinated solvents
    • Metals
    • Herbicides and Pesticides
  • PRB applications
  • Combined Remedies
    • Abiotic/biotic remedies with carbon substrates and bioaugmentation
    • Abiotic/sequestration remedies with colloidal activated carbon

How Does It Work?

CleanER iZVI is a precisely blended liquid-suspension concentrate that is injected, via DPT or injection wells, to address chlorinated volatile organic compounds (CVOCs) and heavy metal contaminants, such as hexavalent chromium, arsenic, and selenium. 

The unique formulation promotes broad dispersion in the subsurface at low and below fracture injection pressures, which optimizes distribution and contact. Through the process known as reductive dechlorination for solvents and chemical reduction for metals, the contaminants are degraded upon contact with the ZVI, and the byproducts are broken down into ethene and less hazardous forms of the target metals.

Why CleanER iZVI? 

  • High persistence in the subsurface to overcome back diffusion issues at highly heterogeneous sites
  • Neat, pre-blended colloidal ZVI suspension that eliminates clumping and other ZVI blending issues in the field
  • Simple mixing and dilution without the need for further suspension chemistry
  • Easily integrated as a combined remedy with other remediation chemistries and including anaerobic bioremediation or activated carbon sequestration

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