TerraTherm, a Cascade Company is a leader in the development and implementation of onsite and in situ thermal remediation of toxic contaminants. We design, build and operate projects from concept to completion, using thermal conduction heating (TCH), steam-enhanced extraction (SEE), electrical resistance heating (ERH), and combinations of the technologies above. With more than 80 full-time staff, the combined forces of these groups represent the most experienced team in the thermal remediation industry. 

Having worked on hundreds of sites, our team has seen it all and understands each one comes with its own complexities. We offer all three in situ thermal technologies, plus innovative ex situ thermal treatment approaches, in-house. As part of Cascade Environmental, we not only offer unbiased remedy selection but are also able to develop tailor-made solutions for even the most challenging sites by combining multiple technologies.

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Thermal Remediation Technologies

TerraTherm offers all major thermal treatment options, and has decades of experience implementing them. We deliver unbiased technology selection and provide the remedy that best suits your project.

Thermal Conduction Heating (TCH) can be applied in situ or ex situ, to soil or groundwater, and is appropriate for addressing VOCs, SVOCs, PAHs, PCB, dioxins, LNAPL, DNAPL and others. Below are various configurations of our TCH technology depending on whether we treat soils in situ or ex situ. 

Steam Enhanced Extraction (SEE) can be applied in situ to difficult sites with rapid groundwater flow or deep and/or stratified sites, and is especially suited for LNAPL sites.

  • Steam Flushing
  • Combined SEE and ISTD

Electrical Resistance Heating (ERH) can be applied in situ to soil or groundwater, and is suitable for addressing VOCs, CVOCs and NAPLs.

  • Three Phase Heating
  • Six Phase Heating
  • Combined ERH and SEE

Combined Remedies are appropriate for complex sites with limited success with previous remedies.

TerraTherm has the materials, facilities, equipment, personnel and experience to design, build, operate, and complete your thermal remediation project. Our field construction and operations approach has been honed by extensive project experience in numerous worldwide locations and in a wide variety of settings.

Any of these thermal treatment options are available as standalone remedies or can be used in conjunction with bioremediation, chemical remediation, and soil remediation.

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