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Cascade Thermal combines the technology, expertise and experience of TerraTherm, Inc., Current Environmental Solutions (CES) and Global Remediation Solutions (GRS). The combined forces of these groups represent the most experienced team in the thermal remediation industry. With more than 80 full time staff, the Cascade Thermal team has successfully completed over 120 heating projects worldwide, including the largest and most complex thermal projects to date.

Cascade Thermal is the only thermal vendor that has direct and robust experience in the evaluation, design and implantation of all three major in situ thermal technologies. Our staff played key roles in the development and commercialization of all three technologies and has an unparalleled knowledge of how to employ each of them. We are uniquely qualified among thermal contractors to evaluate each site’s unique characteristics and offer our clients customized solutions, tailored to their exact needs, by providing the most cost-effective technology or combinations of technologies to achieve success.

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At Cascade Thermal, we offer two different services: Advise and Design services, and Build and Operate services.  With our Advise and Design services, you tell us your site challenges and clean-up goals and we will use our knowledge and experience to work with your team in designing and implementing an optimized and successful approach. Through our Build and Operate services, we offer a proven performance record, deploying the full range of heating technologies.  Cascade Thermal has the materials, facilities, equipment, personnel and experience to build, operate, and complete your thermal remediation project. Our field construction and operations approach has been honed by extensive project experience in numerous, worldwide locations, and in a wide variety of settings.

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