Unbiased Technology Selection

With so many environmental remediation options on the market today, you need a partner you can trust to provide an unbiased evaluation. Our clients receive customized solutions tailored to the project’s exact needs. With TerraTherm, a Cascade Company, you have direct in-house access to all three thermal technologies and an extensive suite of drilling, characterization, and remediation services. Our team has the knowledge and practical field application experience to achieve your goals on time and on budget.

Our full range of thermal technologies (thermal conductive heating, electrical resistance heating, and steam enhanced extraction) enables us to tailor a solution for your site without prejudice for any given technique. We have the advantage of low, moderate, and higher temperature applications, the ability to operate at both shallow and deep sites, both above and below the water table. We welcome the challenges presented by complex geology, persistent contaminants, and sensitive locations.

Treatability Studies

Laboratory treatability studies and pilot tests confirm the feasibility of treatment of specific waste/soil matrices before making a full-scale remediation investment. These studies assist with technology selection and determine the degree of treatment possible by evaluating different temperatures and durations. Treatability studies are particularly useful, and in some cases may even be a requirement, when confronting an unusual contaminant, mixture of contaminants, or a matrix that has not been encountered previously with thermal approaches.

Studies are typically conducted at a low cost per sample tested and completed within three to five weeks. Examples of completed thermal treatment treatability studies include:

  • Nitroaromatic compounds
  • Pesticides
  • Mono-, di- and trichlorobenzenes
  • PAHs mixed with other contaminants
  • CVOCs mixed with other contaminants
  • Mixed wastes that include radionuclides

Complex pre-design studies are often conducted to optimize process engineering, safety, materials, and scaling. These studies have ranged from bench-scale and larger-scale laboratory tests to drum-scale tests and pilot studies.

Our team of over 80 thermal remediation professionals are dedicated to collaborating with you on designing the most effective remediation plan to meet your goals. 

WE Have the capacity to serve you

TerraTherm can build, operate, and complete multiple projects simultaneously.

We own a state-of-the-art fleet of thermal equipment and components, including electrical, mechanical, and treatment equipment along with the experienced personnel and sizable facilities required to support multiple simultaneous projects. Our equipment is mounted on our own skids and trailers for easy and rapid deployment. We continually expand our inventory and logistical capabilities to match the rapid growth in demand for our solutions both domestic and internationally


Our 67,000 square feet of industrial space in our Gardner, Massachusetts facility, give us an ideal platform for storage, fabrication, welding, and staging for multiple simultaneous projects deployed worldwide. This facility houses our corporate offices, research and development efforts, and our welding and fabrication equipment. Our in-house fabrication capabilities give us the agility to scale up to meet project requirements, build our proprietary heaters to meet demand, and create or modify treatment equipment for specific purposes. Our Longview, WA office, provides additional engineering, design, and project management support, along with more space to stage our fleet of thermal equipment.


Your reputation is on line. When safety, performance, and budget are critical to your remediation project, rely on professionals with TerraTherm. Having seen all-types of thermal projects, both large- and small-scale, our field services team has overcome every obstacle they have encountered. The varied field experience of our staff places us among the industry’s most accomplished practitioners of onsite thermal remediation. Our staff professionals offer hundreds of years of combined experience, some dating back to the 1980s.

Each of TerraTherm’s project managers has extensive leadership experience in major project environments. Our construction managers all have years of direct experience with the implementation and operation of remediation systems. Our list of staff resources also include:

  • Professional engineers,
  • Professional geologists,
  • Professional soil scientists,
  • Mechanical engineers,
  • Instrumentation and control engineers,
  • Process engineering and CAD designers,
  • Electrical engineers,
  • Experienced professional project managers,
  • Boiler operator,
  • Construction managers,
  • Welders, and,
  • Thermal treatment system operators.

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