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Achieve your project goals with the proven performance from a contractor you can rely on with unrivaled experience across the major thermal technology applications.

TerraTherm, a Cascade Company is the premier provider of subsurface heating solutions. As the only company with decades of experience deploying all three heating technologies, we have a unique capability to truly evaluate sites and design, install and operate custom treatment systems that achieve maximum efficiency and site owner value.

With a single call, you now have access to the people, equipment, project management, safety process, logistics and regulatory understanding required for smooth and successful projects with positive, predictable outcomes.

Advise and Design Services

Many factors influence the selection of the right remediation technology and process for any site. During the evaluation stages numerous questions arise that we can help with including:

  • Will thermal remediation work at the site?
  • What goals are realistic for final cleanup levels; how certain is the outcome, and how long would it take?
  • What heating technique is best for my site?
  • What are the utility requirements?
  • Is additional site characterization necessary?
  • Should treatability, feasibility, laboratory studies or pilot tests be conducted?

TerraTherm provides the expert resources and advice that you may need to answer those questions and to ultimately make the right decisions. We help determine which technology options are best for your site, design the optimal project to meet your goals, and find the most cost-effective solution. These services are applicable to both new project designs and enhancement of existing projects (thermally enhanced soil vapor extraction, for example).

Thermal Build and Operate Services

TerraTherm has the materials, facilities, equipment, personnel and experience to build, operate, and complete your thermal remediation project. Our field construction and operations approach has been honed by extensive project experience in numerous, worldwide locations, and in a wide variety of settings.

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