There are three primary thermal remediation technologies: thermal conduction heating (TCH), steam enhanced extraction (SEE), and electrical resistance heating (ERH). Each technology works in a different way. Thermal technology selection should be based on geologic site conditions, contaminant type and concentration, and your specific project goals.

TerraTherm, a Cascade Company Offers All Thermal Treatment Technologies In-House

Unbiased thermal technology evaluation allows your site-specific conditions and objectives to govern the thermal technology selection and remedial system design. With TerraTherm, you have direct in-house access to all three thermal technologies. Our team has the knowledge and practical field application experience to achieve your goals.

Thermal Conduction Heating (TCH)

Steam Enhanced Extraction (SEE)

Electrical Resistance Heating (ERH)

TerraTherm is the premier provider of subsurface heating solutions. Unlike other in situ thermal vendors, we offer a proven performance track record deploying all of the above heating technologies. Our technologies are field proven and optimized for success, not to be mistaken with the prototypes that other vendors may offer.

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