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May 18, 2016 (Woodinville, WA) – Cascade, the leading provider of environmental drilling, in situ remediation applications, and high resolution site characterization, is pleased to announce its commitment to the Sustainable Remediation Forum (SURF).

Sustainable remediation balances community goals, economic impacts, and environmental effects of remediation activities from project planning through design and implementation. Cascade works closely with environmental consultants to identify and incorporate a wide range of sustainability best practices. “We measure clean up progress in terms of Return On Remediation Investment (RORI). The RORI approach is based on over 20 years of field experience addressing contamination at hundreds of complex sites. This sustainability-based approach reduces total life-cycle remediation costs through site characterization and remediation best practices. It also minimizes the health risks and liabilities from contaminant source areas and plumes to ultimately achieve unlimited use and unrestricted exposure remedial objectives,” explains Eliot Cooper, Cascade’s former Director of Combined Remedy Strategies. Cascade recently released a white paper entitled “Remediation of Complex Chlorinated Solvent Sites While Maximizing Return on Remediation Investment” detailing the benefits of the RORI approach.

“The company’s silver-level sponsorship supports SURF’s mission and ongoing activities to further the awareness and practice of sustainable remediation across the globe,” said Sue Bruning, Cascade’s Director of Sustainability. “SURF members are pioneers in the field of sustainable remediation. Their work in advancing the science and application of sustainable remediation and sharing best practices has made a significant impact. Cascade is proud to contribute to the organization’s continued success.”

About Cascade
Cascade is the leading provider of environmental drilling, in situ remediation applications, and high resolution site characterization in the United States. Our vision is to integrate technology, safety, sustainability and human potential to tackle the challenging environmental and geotechnical issues facing our clients. For more information on Cascade, please visit www.cascade-env.com.

About SURF
Since its founding in 2006, SURF has brought together the best and the brightest in the remediation field, and has led the evolution of sustainable remediation from conceptual discussions to standard operating procedure. SURF’s ongoing objective is to provide a forum for representatives of government, industry, consultancy, and academia to parse the means and ends of incorporating societal and economic considerations into environmental cleanup projects. We collaborate, educate, advance, and develop consensus on the application of sustainability concepts throughout the lifecycle of remediation projects, from site investigation to closure. SURF members accomplish these objectives through volunteer working groups.


Sue Bruning
Director of Sustainability
[email protected]
(206) 295-3569

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