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February 2, 2016 (Woodinville, WA) – Cascade Technical Services (Cascade), the leading provider of in situ remediation technologies, today announced the launch of its campaign to effectively minimize health risks to thousands of people living or working above chlorinated solvent contamination across the U.S. The campaign specifically targets trichloroethylene contamination in soil and groundwater and measures clean up based on return on remediation investment (RORI).

Trichloroethylene, commonly referred to as “TCE”, is a widely used industrial chemical frequently found as a contaminant in soil and groundwater. Scientific evidence indicates TCE poses potential cancer and non-cancer human health hazards.

The RORI approach is based on over 20 years of experience addressing contamination at hundreds of complex sites. RORI is a sustainability-based approach which reduces total life-cycle remediation costs, minimizes the health risks from contaminant plumes, and manages the environmental liabilities of the affected sites.

“In light of recent evidence of significant acute health risks associated with the TCE vapor intrusion pathway, Cascade has expedited our efforts to address this serious problem by targeting the source of these vapors in underlying soil and groundwater,” explains Eliot Cooper, Cascade’s former National Director of Remediation. “Cascade has assembled the most versatile and effective portfolio of proven technologies and industry experts to provide real solutions for reducing the risks associated with these complex sites,” said Cooper.

“We are very well positioned to assist our consulting clients in implementing TCE cleanup approaches using a combination of chemical, microbiological, or thermal treatment technologies,” said Michael Gray, former Senior Vice President of Cascade Technical Services. “Our remediation experts utilize “Next Generation” High Resolution Site Characterization (HRSC) technologies to significantly reduce the risk of uncertainty related to how TCE is distributed in the subsurface after its initial release. With that data, we collaborate with clients to identify the most effective treatment technology to destroy or remove the contamination and significantly reduce the related risk to human health.”

As part of the campaign, Cascade has scheduled a series of educational workshops for environmental consultants, regulators, stakeholders and responsible parties who are on the front lines addressing these sites. Held in multiple locations across the U.S. in February and March, the workshops focus on maximizing the RORI for TCE mass reduction in light of the new remediation drivers associated with new vapor intrusion action levels.

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Cascade Technical Services is a division of Cascade Drilling, L.P., the leading provider of environmental and infrastructure drilling, in situ remediation applications, and high resolution site characterization technologies. Our collaborative approach, high quality service, reliable crews, and leading safety program make Cascade the first choice in environmental services. Ranked a Top 200 ENR Environmental Services firm, Cascade is the only single-source, nationwide contractor with expert technical capabilities and fleet licensed to work in all 50 United States. With more than 850 employees and over 40 locations, Cascade integrates technology, safety, sustainability and human potential to tackle the challenging environmental and geotechnical issues facing our clients. For more information on Cascade, please visit www.cascade-env.com.

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