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Cascade is thrilled to announce the arrival of Cascade Environmental, with a brand new website to match!

A lot has happened since Cascade Drilling was founded in 1991. Having developed a strong reputation for prioritizing safety, service, and reliability as a Pac-Northwest geotechnical drilling company, Cascade grew steadily, until 2013 when we effectively doubled in size. In 2016, after the further acquisition of more subsidiary service providers, along with the 25th anniversary of the organization, Cascade reemerged as Cascade Environmental.

Now, as the nation’s largest provider of environmental drilling, investigation and remediation, with a whole host of technologies, subsidiaries, services, and locations, we required a new web platform to match the breadth and depth of our organization. Enlisting Bonsai Media Group, a Seattle-area Web Development & Marketing Agency with experience designing and coding highly complex sites, we built an online platform that’s worthy of bearing the Cascade name.

Here are the main features of Cascade-Env.com, the new site from Cascade Environmental.


Ease Of Use and Navigation

It was a major priority to have an easily navigable website. With the wide range of services, technologies, subsidiaries, case studies, and locations that now make up Cascade Environmental, key features of the site had to revolve around simplicity. Now that all of these specific data points are interlinked, you’re able to see how each technology, service, location, and case study are related to one another, and navigate the entire site via those relationships. Interested in Environmental Remediation services? Now you can look at different remediation jobs we’ve done and find the technologies and services used at that job site. Plus, every aspect of Cascade-Env.com is accessible via the homepage, or from the dropdown navigation menu, which makes getting around the site and finding quick answers a total breeze.


Responsively Designed for Today’s Business World

Mobile and tablets web use across the globe surpassed desktop a couple years ago. In fact, it’s estimated that by next year, daily internet usage via mobile will be five times that of desktop. As such, it’s vital to be optimized for mobile in order to provide the best user experience for your visitors.  We worked with Bonsai to ensure that our site not only looked great on every device but was easy to use and navigate no matter the platform.

All of Our New Locations!

Aside from requiring a site that featured an updated, easy to use design, we also had a multitude of changes and new information that were not adequately represented on our old site. Chief among these being the wealth of new service locations we’ve acquired in the last few years. We differ from our competitors in that we offer the benefits of a national organization (cost control, scheduling flexibility, insurance and liability protection, and safety) with the personal touch of a local contractor. With different offices across the US, along with subsidiaries and international partners, you can consistently expect reliable services worldwide, and now our web presence accurately reflects that.

Request a Quote

Another added feature that’s common to many modern websites, and one we made sure to include, is a quick and simple means of requesting a quote or contacting us for additional information. To ensure that you’re able to take advantage of all of our new services, it was crucial that we didn’t just provide information about what we do, but that we included a system through which users could understand how well we fit their needs. Our Request A Quote form is a simple yet direct method of gleaning the most important information from you about your needs, so that our team can assist as efficiently as possible.


Cascade Cards

At Cascade, safety is paramount to everything we do. We’ve made sure to include a full overview of our safety programs on our new site, but additionally, we wanted to provide a platform through which you could report potential safety risks. Enter Cascade Cards. Cascade Cards are easy to fill out in your browser or on your phone. They help us address issues quickly while fine tuning safety standards. The program has been established to foster an environment in which employees develop and utilize risk assessment, intervention, and hazard control skills. We strongly encourage clients and employees are strongly to submit a Cascade Card every time they spot a potential safety risk. Each card is carefully reviewed by our experienced team of safety professionals. This way, Cascade-Env.com also acts as a means of providing feedback to help us continually improve upon our #1 priority, safety.

With a diverse portfolio of Drilling, Environmental Investigation and Remediation Services, we required a website capable of making it easy for you to have the right information at your fingertips. On Cascade-Env.com, projects, services, contaminants, case studies, and subsidiaries are all interrelated, allowing users to quickly and easily find the exact service and technology for their particular project.

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