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Successful project management can be attributed to many things from experience, resources, detailed planning, etc. A good process can go a long way, even guarantee, in exceeding your client expectations. As projects managers in the industry, you probably encounter many situations in which simple changes in the process or better communication could help avoid a mountain of problems. Companies like TWS Environmental, who help us with project management in all of our environmental drilling projects, are experts at helping you avoid hiccups, have back up plans and drive success with your end clients that will extend beyond the life of an individual project. They join us today to talk through some tips focused on doing just that – long term success and relationships for your business.


Tip #1 – Implement and Follow Standard Management Processes

When taking on a new project, you not only bring to bear the skills and experience of field teams (who are the faces of our industry) but also the talents and experience of the project manager(s). There are basic management processes and tools that when followed are key components that help guide you to successful project outcomes. From the moment planning begins, which is a critical step, it is of the utmost importance that there is a crystal-clear understanding of what the objectives of the project are.

  • Identifying risk and evaluating the potential for its occurrence must be factored into the overall plan.
  • Be sure to understand who will be on the project team and what the paths of responsibility and communication are.
  • Set up a consistent tracking and communication plan between project managers, the field team and your clients to ensure benchmarks are being reached and client expectations are met, if not exceeded.
  • Develop corrective actions when faced with unforeseen challenges.

In almost every case, projects simply will not function on their own. A successful project requires a shared, clearly communicated vision and constant attention, interaction and direction. To this end, as projects evolve, be ready to adapt, re-plan and communicate this new updated information out across your teams and clients. Doing so helps establish the trust and faith of your clients in your abilities to execute, strengthening the bond and laying the ground for continued mutually beneficial engagements.


Tip #2 – Relationship Development is Key

During the course of the project management process, there are multiple opportunities to engage your teams and clients. These relationships are invaluable as a project moves through its lifecycle. There will be an endless variety of challenges during a project’s life ranging from internal issues such as scheduling, personnel issues, rig related complications to external, unforeseen occurrences. Due to this ever-changing environment in which we work, planning and re-planning becomes much easier simply due to the time and energy invested into each relationship. The ability to communicate effectively is one of the most critical aspects of our daily life which has a direct effect on our success. Taking the time to establish and nurture relationships between teams and clients makes communication easier. This will allow for efficient and effective resolutions of issues and ultimately reduce the likelihood of a stalled project.

While the tools in Tip #1 are vital to the project management world, they are only part of the equation. Ignoring the opportunities to connect with your teams and clients can lead to missed opportunities for greater potentials for success. If the relationships with the folks working at an environmental drilling jobsite, or behind the scenes in your client’s offices are not fostered, a critical component to success will be lacking. Simply applying the project management tools without the benefits of increased visibility and team support, which stem from well-maintained relationships, means the available tools are not being used as effectively as possible.

Ultimately - take the time to focus on and apply the project management tools and processes, as well as the opportunities to connect with teams for every environmental drilling project. Experience has shown that this comprehensive approach is more rewarding and also has the potential to lead directly to bigger and better project opportunities in the future.



Jeff Baker is the Senior Project Manager at TWS Environmental. TWS Environmental, LLC is a full-service environmental company offering turnkey project management and support focused on a collaborative and integrated team approach for a full array of environmental field services. TWS’s personnel offer more than 40 years of direct experience in the industry, both on federal and commercial projects. Jeff himself has over 16 years of experience in the environmental industry focused on in-situ remediation field applications and project management.  He also has an extensive proven track record of safely, effectively, and efficiently monitoring and controlling the progress of high profile, multi-phase projects across the United States ranging from active and former federal facilities to private sector projects, as well as high profile public utilities projects throughout California.


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