- Eliot Cooper

Colloidal Activated Carbons for Hard-to-Treat Contaminants

Anyone who’s worked on a remediation project involving chlorinated solvents or petroleum residuals knows cleaning up those contaminants is no walk in the park. Luckily, more treatment options are available than ever before—and one that is quickly gaining traction is in situ remediation by injection of colloidal activated carbon.

Activated carbon is an excellent option for the treatment of many organic and heavy metal contaminants, particularly in pump and treat systems but also by injection into transmissive zones. New forms of activated carbon are emerging to provide a faster, tailored, and cost-effective approach for in situ soil and groundwater remediation.  

In this webinar, remediation and activated carbon experts Eliot Cooper (Cascade Environmental) and Joe Wong (Advanced Emissions Solutions) will explain what colloidal activated carbon is, how it works in remediation applications, when it should be considered, and the contaminants it is most suited to treat. They’ll also discuss best practices for optimizing the use of colloidal activated carbon.

Attendees will have the opportunity to submit questions during registration and at the end of the presentation during a Q&A.

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