- Jason Flattery

HRSC 101: An Introduction to High Resolution Site Characterization

Before remediation project planning can begin, it’s important to know what contaminants are present, in what quantities, and where they’re located. Traditional characterization techniques can provide general answers, but those answers lack precision and can lead to missed deadlines and cost overruns during implementation.

That’s why high resolution site characterization (HRSC) is so important. It can fill data gaps and help you build a complete conceptual site model, eliminating unnecessary remediation costs and optimizing for your project’s success.

In this webinar, former Director of Site Characterization, Jason Flattery, explains what HRSC is, when and where it should be used, and the different technologies you can leverage to get the data needed. He shares real-life examples of how he’s worked with clients to collect and utilize data, and what they were able to accomplish as a result. At the end of the presentation, Jason takes questions from the audience during the Q&A.

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