- Eliot Cooper - John LaChance

The Importance of Data Transparency for Remediation

Environmental consultants need remediation subcontractors who are transparent in their proposals for remedial design and approach and during the field application. But that’s not always the reality.

Without transparency, consultants face uncertainty like unexpected costs, production delays and poor quality results. In short, their reputation is at stake.

You can mitigate the uncertainty by asking the right questions and understanding the details before you make a buying decision or poke the first hole on site.

In this webinar, technology experts Eliot Cooper and John LaChance walk you through critical questions to help lift the veil of uncertainty. They also discuss which details are important to reveal during proposal evaluation and field implementation stages of high resolution site characterization, injection and thermal remediation projects.



John LaChance
John LaChance

Vice President of Development, TerraTherm

Eliot Cooper
Eliot Cooper

Vice President, Technology and Business Development

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