- Eliot Cooper

In 2023, Cascade implemented several innovative projects, each with unique challenges and solutions and we are excited to share what we learned. In this webinar, our VP of Technology, Eliot Cooper, will walk you through these efforts, highlighting the lessons learned and how these projects have directly benefited our clients, offering practical insights for those facing similar challenges.

In this webinar, you will learn the following through various case studies:

  • Insights into the deployment of ZVI and colloidal ZVI for a large CVOC PRB project,
  • Innovations in bedrock remediation,
  • Scaling chemical oxidation,
  • Large bioremediation/chemical reduction CVOC project combining traditional and automated injection,
  • Overcoming geological hurdles,
  • Precision in project design with HRDO injection plans,
  • Emerging solutions for PFAS, and
  • Automation in injection technologies.

This webinar shares valuable insights from some of our 2023 projects, offering practical advice for professionals seeking effective remediation solutions.  

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Eliot Cooper
Eliot Cooper

Vice President, Technology and Business Development

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