- Eliot Cooper


Even with successful source zone treatment of soil, PFAS groundwater concentrations remain a concern. How can you cost-effectively address the groundwater plume?

In this webinar, VP of Technology Eliot Cooper answers this question and many more. Eliot discusses the five most important steps in installing these in situ systems, including...

  • Contaminant flux characterization and decision logic on what intervals to target
  • Design considerations for dosing, ROI and gallons to be injected based on what is happening at the source
  • Design Optimization Testing to minimize cost risks of going directly to full-scale
  • Injection of these liquid like amendments through wells or DPT within pressure and flow limitations established to make contact
  • Combined remedies to ensure these amendments don't flush out of the treatment zone.

Considering the costs associated with these type of applications as an alternative to more expensive pump and treat systems, it's critical that these steps be implemented.

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Eliot Cooper
Eliot Cooper

Vice President, Technology and Business Development

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