Thermal Remediation of PFAS Source Areas

Per- and polyfluorinated substances (PFAS) are known as forever chemicals because they are persistent in the environment and difficult to remove--but tackling these contaminants is feasible with the right technology.

Thermal conductive heating (TCH) is an effective remediation solution for PFAS and other recalcitrant compounds. Recent laboratory studies conducted by TerraTherm partner Krüger have shown better than 99.99% removal of PFAS contaminants when simulating the TCH efficiency.

In this webinar, TerraTherm’s Vice President of Technology Steffen Griepke and Krüger's Chemical Engineer Søren Eriksen will address the literature background as it relates to thermal removal of PFAS, describe the conducted lab testing and results, touch on the fate of the thermally treated PFAS compounds in the process, and present how a field application can be implemented.

This broadcast is pre-recorded, but you will have the opportunity to access additional materials and submit questions to our experts, who will follow up with you after the webinar.

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