Whether you’re new to environmental services or are only just beginning to consider it as a career path, there’s a lot to learn in this industry and it can be hard to know where to start. That’s why we launched this blog series, Firm Foundations. Each post provides you with the resources you need to develop a basic understanding of topics like…

Today’s post is about careers in environmental services. You may be at the stage where you’re trying to decide if this industry would be a good fit, or maybe you’ve already taken your first job but don’t know how to earn a promotion and advance. We’ve pulled together all our best career-related content to help you make the right decisions that align with your skills and goals.



6 Reasons to Start Your Career in Environmental Services

If you’re not even sure if a career in the environmental services industry makes sense for you, start with this blog post. It explains the big benefits cited most often by professionals who say they love their job.

If these reasons don’t feel aligned with what you need in a career, then you can save yourself a lot of time by not reading the other articles below!


7 Reasons Women Should Join the Environmental Services Industry

If you’re a woman who hasn’t considered working in this industry because it seems like it’s geared more toward men, this blog post is for you. Environmental services is for anyone who likes to make connections, money, and a positive impact.


5 Jobs in Environmental Services That Are in High Demand

If you don’t have prior experience with the industry, you may not realize what a wide range of jobs are available (and in high demand!). This blog post outlines five roles that companies are almost always hiring for—and four of them can be learned with on-the-job training.


5 Tips to Land That Environmental Field Services Job

So you’ve decided to join the industry and even found a specific job you want to apply for—now what? Our Talent Acquisition Director put together this guide you can follow to present yourself as a strong candidate, from initial resume and application to your final interview.


Moving on From the Military: Advice For Veterans Starting a Civilian Career

Transitioning from the military to a civilian career can be tough, but many veterans find that the environmental services industry is well suited for them (and vice versa). In this article, you’ll meet John McAssey, a US Marine Corps veteran with 25 years of experience in environmental services. You’ll get his best words of wisdom for transitioning to working as a civilian, as well as key takeaways from US Air Force veteran Jessica Alexander (yes, our Director of Talent Acquisition!).



How to Grow Your Drilling Career

If you’ve begun your career in drilling and are eager to grow professionally, there are three main paths toward advancement: continued education and training, professional memberships, and mentoring. None of these options are mutually exclusive—you can pursue on, two or all of them. This article maps out the opportunities that are available, and how you can go after them.


The Next Step: Potential Career Paths After Your First Drilling Job

Most people in the drilling industry begin as driller assistants, where they get on-the-job training about what a drilling project entails, the equipment involved, the safety protocols required, etc. It’s not glamorous, but it’s the first step of the career ladder.

But what are you climbing that ladder toward? This blog post describes some of the roles—besides driller—that you can work your way into.


3 Keys to Unlock the Next Step in Your Drilling Career

In this industry, it’s common to promote from within the company—so how can you prepare yourself to be ready when there’s an opportunity you’d like to take? In this article, Jessica Alexander explains what you need to do to gain the skills and knowledge required to step up into your next role.


How Small Industry Groups Can Provide Big Professional Opportunities

If you’ve ever lived in a small town, you understand what it’s like to be part of a community where everyone knows everyone else. The environmental services industry can be a lot like that—which is why building your network and personal connections is so important. This article from Maryam Azad explains three key career benefits you can reap by getting involved with your industry organizations at the local level.

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