- Eliot Cooper - Jason Flattery

Are you getting the most from your HRSC data? The MIHPT high resolution site characterization tool provides an unprecedented opportunity to optimize your remediation approach on petroleum and chlorinated solvent sites. MIHPT data logs enable consultants to:

  • Estimate the severity of contamination distribution,
  • Design an effective delivery approach to optimize contact,
  • Select most effective amendments to target contaminant zones of interest, and,
  • Make defensible decisions with targeted, 3D visualized remedial approach.

In this webinar, you'll learn how to leverage MIHPT data to get beyond traditional soil and groundwater sampling. From uncovering contaminant distribution in transmissive or storage zones to shedding light on dark matter and matrix back diffusion, you'll tap into decades of field applications to learn how Cascade’s methodology integrates HRSC into more cost-effective in situ approaches.

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