Doug Rountree

Vice President, Operations

Doug Rountree is the Vice President of Operations supporting our Remediation Services in the western United States. In this role, he ensures our clients have access to the site characterization and remediation technologies they need to hit their project goals on time and on budget.

Doug has been in the environmental services industry for more than 30 years, and has worked on remediation projects involving NAPL, mercury, lead, arsenic and naturally occurring asbestos. He understands the challenges consultants face when dealing with these contaminants, and can draw on his decades of experience to provide effective support.

Before beginning his career in environmental services, Doug served in the U.S. Navy where he was an Operations Specialist, responsible for tracking and managing information concerning air, surface and subsurface targets in the Combat Information Center. He later went on to earn his doctorate in Divinity. Doug’s dedication to service and the greater good is what motivates his current career, and clients benefit from the combination of personal commitment and deep technical expertise he provides.